Webster has announced a temporary option for students who may be struggling with the new online environment.

By: Daniela Piazzi

In light of the shift from in-person to online education, Webster University is allowing students to take their spring courses under a pass/fail grading system. 

On Thursday morning, Webster University notified students that they will have the option to forgo the traditional GPA grading system and opt for a pass/fail grade. Under this temporary policy, class results will not be calculated into a students’ GPA, instead only credit would be awarded. 

Webster University’s academic advisor Julie Smith is cautioning students against making a decision immediately, instead, individuals should evaluate how their classes are going by the April 24 deadline. Smith encourages her advisees to be analytical in their decision.

“If you are worried about your grade point average, then make sure you read the fine print and understand all the aspects,” Smith said.

For more information on the Webster University grading policy, visit here.